14:02 Is about to listen to Dr Marshall DeRosa’s lecture on Lincoln. I don’t think the audience knows what they’re in for! # 21:10 You can not fly any higher after an election than you […]

09:43 Libertarians Join 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington, Display "Republicans Equal Big Government" – shar.es/1HOtF # 10:20 The Education of a Libertarian by PayPal’s Peter Thiel: digg.com/d313ZBP?t # 10:29 What about the poor?! – […]

What about the poor?!

For six years Larry was a homeless hapless drunk, living under a bridge, begging for “sp’ange” from strangers. Last September Larry acquired his own shoeshine stand, got himself a nice looking suit and starting earning $7 a shine.