Boca Raton City Council defies voter’s wishes for medical marijuana

Boynton Beach, Fla – October 25, 2017 – The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (LPmedical-marijuana-free-license Palm Beach), the third largest political party in Palm Beach County, is voicing its displeasure with the City of Delray Beach and the City of Boca Raton’s recent decisions to continue their bans on medical marijuana dispensaries. Last night, the Boca Raton city council decided to continue its anti-business, anti-free market attitude with another one-year moratorium on medical marijuana treatment centers. LP Palm Beach finds such decisions to be contrary to Boca Raton voters wishes when they overwhelmingly voted in favor of cannabis’ use for medical purposes.

Karl Dickey, Chair of LP Palm Beach, said last night, “We thank Robert Weinroth’s sole decision to honor the voters of Boca Raton. Like us, 76 percent of voters in Boca Raton voted in favor of this medical marijuana expansion, yet only one city council member was honorable enough to respect our vote. It is a shame others chose wanting more power over honoring the will of the people; however, for some, their choice will come back to bite them at the ballot box next year. We are not talking about freewheeling pot smokers here, which remains illegal under Florida Statute, we are talking about legitimate patients in need of relief for their ailments. This evening’s vote was a vote against patients, against business, and worst of all, against the voters.”

Mayor Susan Haynie, who has filed to run for Palm Beach County Commission next year, expressed her desire for more regulation of the businesses even though this industry is one of the, if not the heaviest regulated industry in the state. Haynie, Rodgers, O’Rourke, and Singer voted to continue the ban while Weinroth voted to end the ban. City Council member Andrea O’Rourke had earlier said that she was going to respect the vote by the people of Boca Raton by voting against the ban’s continuation; however, she ultimately voted to continue it for another year.

While LP Palm Beach has serious issues with the heavy regulation in the medical marijuana state statute, it was in favor of Amendment 2’s passage in 2016. LP Palm Beach did not want the issue to be enshrined in the state’s constitution; however, since the Florida legislature chose not to act on the will of the people, the people voted to do it instead.