Gary Johnson to appear on 60 Minutes after being denied the stage in first debate alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Even though a majority of Americans want to see Gary Johnson in the debates, the private Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) did not invite him to the first debate happening in New York on September 26, 2016. Johnson may qualify for the remaining two debates. In the interim, Johnson will continue to traverse the country creating awareness of his campaign and tonight, September 18, 2016, will be on the popular television show 60 Minutes.gary_johnson_2012-jpeg

It is only Gary Johnson, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who will be on the ballot in all 50 states this November for Americans to choose who to be their next president. Countless national publications have put forth articles encouraging the CPD to include Johnson in the debates; however, the commission has not budged on its rigorous criteria. And though this new media attention is welcome, it is not enough.

The tide is against Johnson, and even with some media splashes here and there, it is only until the establishment media treat him equally with Trump and Clinton will we see a true three-way competition. When the mainstream television news media talk about the 2016 presidential election, Johnson’s name is rarely brought up, as it would seem those in the media feel there are only two candidates in the race. Though they know Johnson is a credible candidate being a two-term Governor of New Mexico, for some inexplicable reason, they are choosing to exclude him from regular news broadcasts. Many Johnson supporters have suggested that the polls show that the more people hear about Johnson, the more they like him and are likely to vote for him. The theory is that the mainstream media, owned by a core of corporate interests, want the two party system to continue and are highly resistant to a Libertarian being elected president because it may put an end their crony capitalistic system they have enjoyed for several decades.

When talking about the age and health of Trump and Clinton, it would have been easy to show how Johnson is clearly the fittest and healthiest of the three, but they don’t. When discussing executive experience, it is clear Johnson has the most, yet they won’t bring that up or even his name. Rather they spend their airtime talking about Jimmy Fallon messing up Trump’s hair, the personalities of Clinton and Trump, and what songs Clinton and Trump use at their events. This is airtime that could be spent, and should be spent, talking about serious issues and inclusion of Gary Johnson. This is why most Americans have either never heard of Gary Johnson, or if they have, the public doesn’t know enough about him to seriously consider him for the presidency. This is a clear failure of the establishment media in not abiding by their journalistic responsibility to inform the public.