Linda Napoli pens kids’ guide to understanding vegetarianism


According to a Harris Interactive Service Bureau study commissioned by the Vegetarian Research Group in 2013, approximately 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian; 22.8 million follow a vegetarian-inclined diet; and one million are vegan – those who exclude meat, poultry and gelatin in their diet. Although it may sound unexceptional in a country of 300 million, the research emphasized that the number of vegans doubled from 2.5 per cent in 2009 to 5 per cent in 2013. This statistics are expected to increase in the coming years, not only because of growing advocacy but also by likely active family influence. A challenge, then, is also posed to parents and guardians in helping their kids understand the reason behind the practice.

With this aim in mind, author Linda Napoli returns to the world of children’s literature with “Wild Vegetarians“, a colorful picture book that explains vegetarianism to kids in relation to the natural world. The book follows the lively conversation of two vegetarian kids Joseph and Sophia as he tries to acquaint her with the creatures in the wild that have the same vegetarian lifestyle as they do. Along the way, readers are aided with pictures of discussed herbivores with geographical references to their natural habitats. Told in an endearingly friendly and simplified manner, it gives young readers a unique perspective on the philosophy of vegetarianism without being preachy. It is also presented in a comic book style to provide young readers with a more stimulating read.

“I believe that vegetarianism is becoming a lifestyle choice for more families and it is important that children understood what it is about,” says Napoli. Through this book, she hopes to enlighten little kids on the vegetarian way of life, explaining the subject in an engaging and entertaining way – and to show them that eating their greens is not only normal but also healthy to their bodies and to the world as a whole.

Linda Napoli is a retired reading specialist whose favorite interests are children and literature. She is married with three grown sons and spends her spare time writing, dancing and having adventures of her own. Her inspiration for this story is her niece and nephew who are always asking, ‘Why?’ “Wild Vegetarians” is her second children’s book.

“Wild Vegetarians”
By Linda Napoli
Softcover | 8.5x11in | 24 pages | ISBN 9781493165902
E-Book | 24 pages | ISBN 9781493165919
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