6 vegan meal replacement powders you will love

Whether you are vegan or not, our list of six vegan meal replacement powders offer everyone healthful options to living a more clean life. Everyone is busy and meal replacement powders can be a great alternative to the 20 minutes or so to prepare a breakfast or a lunch. The added benefit to meal replacement powders is they become a smoothie to take with you one your way to work or while you are out running errands. So put down the unhealthy energy bars and energy drinks in favor of tasteful, healthful smoothies.

These are not simply protein powders but are full meal replacements. Though all are smoothies, a few of the companies also offer complete meal replacement bars for the added convenience of travelers or when a blender to create a smoothie is not available. In the near future we will be doing a series with a more complete profile of each of these six vegan meal replacement powders. The profiles will include nutritional information as well as how I rate their taste, portability and costs.