Bill Wohlsifer will be in Florida Attorney General debates alongside Pam Bondi and George Sheldon

Bill Wohlsifer, Libertarian Party of Florida candidate for Florida Attorney General, has accepted an invitation to participate in a debate on Special Edition of Political Connections. The program will air on Bay News 9 in the Tampa Bay area, and on News 13 in the Orlando metro area on October 6th, 2014. The debate will feature all three qualified candidates for Attorney General in Florida. 

Bill Wohslifer

 The debate will re-air on both channels on Saturday, October 11 and again on Sunday, October 12, as well as being able to be viewed on Bright House Networks Local On Demand. 

This is one of three debates to which Mr. Wohlsifer has accepted the invitation. The next is scheduled at FAU on October, 8. The third is to be scheduled by a major affiliate in Tampa. 

Mr. Wohlsifer is looking forward to presenting his views to the state of Florida on an even forum with the other candidates.