Palm Beach County’s Primary Elections – how would a Libertarian vote?

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Although we will not see Libertarian-branded candidates on the ballot on August 26, 2014, there are some candidates of interest as well as questions to answer. So, even if you’re not affiliated with a political party, or the party you belong does not have a candidate in the race, then you should vote. I will voice my opinion on the general election in October, so if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog’s postings, then do so on the right of this column.

I am focusing on Palm Beach County, because that is where I live in Florida and there are some interesting races happening. I do this before most elections, because I get often get asked through phone calls, emails and social media postings, my advice for whom to vote – and why.

Florida Governor – Democratic Primary

Although you would not know it by listening or reading information…

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