Libertarian Party of Florida the Keys endorses no primary candidates

Ahead of the August 26, 2014 local primary elections for many non-partisan offices in Key West and Monroe County, the Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys Chairman Mike Kane released the following statement:

After much discussion and review, the Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys has decided not to endorse any candidates for Augusts’ elections. It was a consensus among all members that no candidate took the Libertarian approach to solving today’s societal woes: reducing the size and scope of government.

Rather than addressing important Libertarian issues, such as ending the failed war on drugs, reducing property and sales taxes, marriage equality until government is out of marriage licensing altogether, advocating for jury nullification, and the eventual privatizing of schools, most candidates are incredibly vague with their campaign slogans such as “increasing transparency in government”, “restoring trust in city hall”, and “setting high standards”.

Some candidates are focused on making government work more efficiently, and even worse, other candidates want to further expand government’s control over the economy, education, and people’s personal lives.  

Until candidates are willing to promote Libertarian solutions to bad governance we cannot in good faith support them.

The Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys is supporting Libertarian candidates Adrian Wyllie (Governor) and Bill Wohlsifer (Attorney General).