Pro-liberty PAC endorses Hemingway and Garcia in New Hampshire Congressional races

Stark360, a pro-liberty PAC dedicated to nominating and electing liberty-minded candidates for public office, announced today its endorsement of Andrew Hemingway for New Hampshire governor and Marilinda Garcia for New Hampshire congressional representative for district two.

 “Both Andrew Hemingway and Marilinda Garcia bring an amazing combination of youth and experience rooted in the ‘Live free or die’ principles of limited government and liberty,” said Stark360 Chairman Aaron Day.  “We need leaders, not administrators, bold solutions, not stale political rhetoric and the status quo.  Hemingway and Garcia provide a stark contrast to both their primary and general election competitors.”

Both candidates have proven records of supporting individual freedom.

A lifelong resident of New Hampshire, Andrew Hemingway has created three successful small businesses, served as Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and worked with a state senator to overturn the LLC tax.

Marilinda Garcia, was a designated “Rising Star” by the Republican National Committee, and has worked tirelessly in the New Hampshire state legislature since 2012 to make New Hampshire a more prosperous and economically free state.

Both candidates are currently accepting or will be accepting Bitcoin —  the decentralized digital currency, known for being free of external government interference.

Stark360 PAC is committed to changing the political climate of national politics by nominating the first liberty-friendly governor in New Hampshire, building a data-driven grassroots organization in New Hampshire, and electing a pro-liberty majority in the state’s legislature.