And the survey says – Obamacare continues to be less popular

President Obama cannot catch a break, as more Americans become familiar with Obamacare a/k/a the supposedly Affordable Care Act, the more they do not like it. This is happening nearly each month since the Act was signed into law by President Obama. On August 1, 2014, the Kaiser Family Foundation came out with a survey which places the ACA with record low popularity with Americans in July, 2014. Also, whereas in past polls many people did not know enough about Obamacare to have an opinion, that number has dropped as well, now with 11% of Americans not knowing enough about it to form an opinion.

Share With An Unfavorable View Of ACA Increases In July

One thing became clear throughout the survey – most would like to see the Act modified rather than repealed in its entirety.

Another revelation from the survey, is that most Americans would prefer President Obama focus on healthcare for veterans, rather than on them. See chart below:

Public Wants President And Congress To Pay More Attention To Variety Of Issues, But Health Care At Bottom Of List

Even after survey after survey has recently shown a major drop in the nation’s uninsured rate, Obamacare just had its worst month in a key health-care poll. It also became clear through the polling, that President Obama should be focusing on the economy, jobs and the Federal budget deficit. He should also spend little time on women’s issues, climate change and Iraq.

“Normally, when negatives go up, you can tie it to an event,” said foundation chief executive Drew Altman in an interview. Events like a broken enrollment Web site, or people losing their health plans.