NORML Partners with Oaksterdam University to offer its First Cannabis Business Seminar in Colorado at the Aspen Marijuana Conference

NORML will partner with Oaksterdam University for The
Aspen Marijuana Conference,
scheduled for September 15-17, 2014 at the Westin Snowmass Convention
Center in Aspen, Co.  The conference is slated to offer multiple education
and investment opportunities, and attendees will be introduced to the
latest best practices and technology options for the marijuana industry.
They will also have the opportunity to interact with industry experts and
pioneers in an intimate setting.

NORML will be chairing a panel alongside Aspen Sheriff Joe DeSalvo
regarding the importance of corporate social responsibility and the
community impact of marijuana legalization.  Sheriff DeSalvo is the
co-founder of the Valley Marijuana Council, which is composed of local
stakeholders and created for the purpose of having a cohesive, responsible
and safe community approach to Marijuana regulation in the Aspen Valley.

NORML will also be discussing its new initiative, the NORML Business
Network, and the importance of maintaining high industry standards that
look out for the interests of their customers and their community.  “We
are pleased to have the opportunity to share our perspective on the
positive social and economic impact of the burgeoning marijuana market,
and to highlight the importance of corporate social responsibility within
the industry,” said Sabrina Fendrick, NORML’s Development Director and
manager of the NORML Business Network.

Specific activities at the Aspen Marijuana Conference will include:

–        A groundbreaking 3-day Oaksterdam University
( Intensive Seminar training students
“How to start a Cannabusiness”;

–       Marijuana Industry Expert Speakers and Panel Sessions moderated by the
Industry Legal leaders from NORML ( The experts will
address industry challenges and opportunities impacting businesses and

–       A Cannabis Career Day for those seeking careers and opportunities in the
growing Marijuana Industry.

In the news on almost a daily basis, the Marijuana industry is poised to
become a major source of growth in America.  Over the next several decades
we can expect to see new entrepreneurial businesses, new jobs, new tax
revenues, and new revenue streams.  “These are the days of discovery and
wonder. It is our goal to help attendees understand where the industry is
coming from and where it is headed. Retail marijuana is here to stay and
we want to help the players identify the playing field and understand the
rules of the game.,” said event organizer Adam Dubroff.