Florida Gubernatorial candidate visits Palm Beach County

Libertarian Party of Florida Gubernatorial candidate, Adrian Wyllie, was in Delray Beach, Florida yesterday, August 2, 2014 visiting with an estimated 100 of his supporters at the Saltwater Brewery. Wyllie was in town as part of his 30 City Craft Brew Tour. He started the tour on the West Coast of Florida in Marco Island and Fort Myers on August 1, 2014 and continues today down to Key West to the Sea Dog Brewery. Also in attendance were representatives seeking to have Amendment 2 pass in Florida which would legalize medical marijuana in the State of Florida – a much greater number of patients would be helped than what the Florida legislature authorized earlier this year.

According to Wyllie’s campaign manager, Danielle Alexandre, she gave away 100 campaign shirts to supporters at the Delray event. She also said support for the campaign has exploded over the last two to three weeks as more people learn of his campaign. Public radio station, WRLN, will be spending the day with Wyllie as he heads to Key West.

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