Top Vegan Foods That Build Lean Muscle

Looking to build some lean muscle but don’t want to resort to eating animal foods? Don’t worry – you don’t have to! I’ve studied nutrition and dietetics for over 10 years, and though I’ll admit that lean proteins from animal-based foods will help you build lean muscle, there’s no reason to give up being vegan just to get the body you want. I believe it’s more important to eat in a way that feels natural to you and your body and is made from a heartfelt decision – not a superficial one based off of physical appearance. Whatever you choose to eat, know that there are vegan foods that can help you build lean muscle and are some of the top foods many vegan athletes and vegan bodybuilders consume. With these options in your diet, you won’t only help build lean muscle mass, but you’ll also protect the planet, reduce inflammation, and enhance your heart health too.

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