Republican and Democratic candidates quibble, Libertarian wants debates

Voters in Florida’s Congressional District 19 are still being subjected to a “he said – she said” scheme by the Democrat and Republican candidates. There have been at least three different groups that have proposed hosting forums/debates for voters to meet and assess the candidates that will be on the June 24, 2014 Special Election Ballot. The Libertarian Party of Florida challenger in the race, Ray Netherwood, said today, May 15, 2014, “Voters should not stand for these shenanigans. I challenge Ms. Freeman and Mr. Clawson to a debate at any location and at any time in the next 30 days … the sooner the better.” He continued, “I understand their hesitation, neither has an original thought and they do nothing but spout their respective party’s talking points. I believe that voters have had enough of these types of games. If you’re a candidate for office, you shouldn’t be afraid to debate the issues. I am ready and waiting.”

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