Florida Attorney General candidate supports medical marijuana, but not this bill

Libertarian Party of Florida candidate for Attorney General Bill Wohlsifer publically thanked Speaker Weatherford yesterday for placing the House version of what is commonly referred to as the “Charlotte’s Web” bill (HB 843) on the calendar, in the 9th inning yesterday. “If approved, Charlotte’s Web can bring relief to 125,000 children in Florida who suffer seizures from intractable epilepsy,” said Wohlsifer. “We have a unique opportunity to help children as the state Senate has wisely realized.” The bill is highly restrictive and will a small number of Floridians, especially in relation to Florida’s Amendment 2 which will be on the ballot this November for Florida voters to decide. Amendment 2 is more expansive in the number of potential patients the cannabis plant will help if passed by at least sixty percent of the voters.

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